Friday, April 27, 2018

Networking of Libraries


Libraries can be either standalone or part of a consortium. Koha can be used in both cases. In the case of consortium or various branch libraries of an organisation, Koha can be used as in each individual libaries as well as a central library system which contains data from all the various branches.

When using Koha as a centralised library system for a group of libraries,the individual libraries should be networked together for smooth operation and transfer of books between the various libraries. We take care of networking the various libraries together so that the users can get a single website from which they can search books in all the branch libraries.

Bigger organizations having chain of Libraries scattered in different locations would really find the 'Networking of Libraries' a boon, as it would ensure effective administration and management of Libraries through core library accessing(partially similar to core banking). Establishing a network(server – client architecture ) of all the branches for linking libraries would facilitate the following .......

  • Easy and efficient services to end users

  • Sharing of resources by the staff and members of the different libraries( Meta Data, online journals /databases) from one central server

  • Network serves as a back-end system that processes daily transactions including circulation, member registration/annual subscription, adding bibliographic records etc taking place in one library and updates the same in the central server.

  • Centralized OPAC

  • Inter-library loan(at members level) to borrow books & drop boxes at all branches to return the books

  • Payment of annual subscription /over dues from any branch /online

  • Centralised Purchase suggestions

Solution for the whole process of Networking of Libraries will be provided using Free/Open source Tools thus making it highly cost-effective .